Doctors as patients

Now you truly know what it feels like.




Tip: If you want to edit my maps, simply download and install the VUE computer programme. Then you can download the VUE files instead of the picture files.


Arthritis0.51 - 6 - 2011downloaddownload
Bone & joint infection0.31 - 6 - 2011downloaddownload
Gout0.41 - 6 - 2011downloaddownload
Metabolic bone disease0.41 - 6 - 2011downloaddownload
Muscle disease0.18 - 1 - 2014downloaddownload
Osteoarthritis0.31 - 6 - 2011downloaddownload
Rheumatoid arthritis0.41 - 6 - 2011downloaddownload



2 thoughts on “Musculoskeletal

    1. Hi Nicolas.
      Thanks for highlighting. I’ve actually just removed it.
      As you will know, I’m working on a major new project for the website = making hundreds of medical mindmaps to use for real patient contact.
      I’ll try to add an achilles tendinopathy mindmap.

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