How Medimaps was born


This is for Med Students, people like you.

Struggling to assimilate, formulate and memorise too.


I too was on this journey, not too long ago.

I know that learning medicine, can be painful and slow.


I turned to the internet, searching for support.

So many websites, yet most fell well short.


Millions of pages, with videos and links.

But I found out for myself, most of these stink.


No thought or consideration, a lack of judgement and concern.

I screamed in agony and despair, a useful website is all that I yearn.


I looked into my heart, and asked myself straight.

Why not make your own site, I fell for the bait.


I began the project, typing out these web pages.

It took a long time, honestly it took ages.


And so nearing it’s completion I present it to you.

I hope it supports you to assimilate, formulate, and memorise too.



From 2016 qualified as a General Practitioner, in the United Kingdom.