You will be sitting on your butt for most of your life at work or home.


This is an interesting article from the BBC which claims sitting in the traditional upright position is bad.

When you sit on a normal office chair, your hips are at 90 degrees.

But they should be at 135 degrees, to avoid putting pressure on your back and to maintain the natural position of your spine.


One way to achieve this is to either get a saddle seat chair or a high-end reclining chair.

A decent chair is an investment and will save your back in the long run…unless you think having kyphosis is attractive.


Make sure you go to a showroom and try it out. That means sitting on it for at least 30 min to see if it really is comfortable.


If you’re the type that loves reading a million reviews before you buy anything, see these links:



Warning: Do not buy the Humanscale Freedom. After a short time period, it falls to bits according to reviewers.


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