Graduation gift


Stand on the shoulders of giants

45 years on the front line (powerpoint presentation)


How to become a diagnostic legend

You spend 20 min taking the history.

The consultant walks into the room, asks four questions and makes the diagnosis.

This is part of the answer.


Keep your mind fuelled with knowledge

Learning resources for conditions A to Z.



How to tackle a culture of incompetence

If only there were more doctors like this. Maybe you?


If you want to look after the whole family (General Practice)

Here are some resources.


Make your patients love you more, and sue you less

Here are the 7 traits of a ‘good’ doctor from the patients perspective.


Hit your patient, when you have no other choice

Violence against NHS staff is a serious issue. So you need to Be Your Own Bodyguard.


When the tables are turned

It’s only when you feel your patients pain, that you actually feel your patients pain.


Listen to me, I’m talking to you

I hope you can see that the advice he gives to the graduating trainees, is relevant to us as medics.


A final thought

Some medical students get more arrogant the closer they get to becoming doctors.

To help you keep your feet on the ground, please remember that you are full of excrement, urine, gas, and mucus.

In fact your 60% water.

Not something to be too arrogant about, I don’t think.



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  1. I love your site, it is very insightful, concise and it helps me a lot since I am a visual learner. The mindmaps are the best 🙂

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