Air freshener

A patient with a strong ‘odour’ just left your room, and you’ve just called your next patient.

When they walk in…they will automatically link the smell to the person they just passed in the corridor (or worse than that…link it to you !).

So save embarrassment for everyone.


air freshner2



BP machine (Omron M6 Comfort)

This has a single cuff, which covers both medium and large arm sizes, so you don’t have to waste time changing the cuff.

Also the Intelli Wrap Cuff Technology, means you don’t have to line up the cuff over the artery, so again saves time and gives accurate reading.

Warning: It cannot do small arms.



Doctors bag

A good doctors bag can make home visits less stressful.




The free NHS computer mouse comes with a 100% guarantee to give you Repetitive Strain Injury.

I wrote about ergonomic mice on the ‘Study tips‘ page.



Mouth wash

Once you’ve eaten your sandwich at your desk, your breath stinks.

Would you like someone to do fundoscopy on you?





Nail varnish remover

For those situations when you want to measure sats but they have nail varnish on.



PanOptic ophthalmoscope (by Welch Allyn)

When you write ‘fundoscopy = nad’…your lying.

You cant see anything with that rubbish Keeler.

Invest in this monster, and you will actually see the back of the eye, just like the images in the books.




Stop torturing the elderly patients.




Snellen chart

How can you do a proper visual examination if you didn’t check visual acuity?

You can’t.

In court you will be torn to pieces.

If your a GP partner you probably have an ‘executive’ size room so you can use a 6m chart.

For all the common doctors, use a 3m chart.

p.s. use a measuring tape to find the correct distance.



Stickers for kids

Making kids happy at the end of a consultation, will help make future visits easier.

Buy some reward stickers.





They can help you differentiate a sick child from a well child.

p.s take the batteries out if the noises are making your crazy.


toy truck

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