You will be sitting on your butt for most of your life at work or home.


This is an interesting article from the BBC which claims sitting in the traditional upright position is bad.


When you sit on a normal office chair, your hips are at 90 degrees.


But they should be at 135 degrees, to avoid putting pressure on your back and to maintain the natural position of your spine.


One way to achieve this is to either get a saddle seat chair, or reclined back position like this (if you have a few thousand pounds).


A decent chair is an investment, and will save your back in the long run…unless you think having kyphosis is attractive.


Please, please, please, make sure you go to a showroom and try it out.


That means sitting on it for at least 30 min to see if it really is comfortable.


Even my £175 Ikea Volmar leather chair was comfortable when I sat on it for 60 seconds in Ikea.


It’s only after I took it home, and sat on it for a long period of time, that I realised how uncomfortable it is.


1. Saddle seat chairs/stools


If you have a few hundred pounds:


If you don’t have a lot of money, use a wedge cushion.


I was tight with my money so instead I tried to be clever and brought a cheaper saddle seat called ‘WBX ascot saddle stool’.


Big mistake.


– my buttock’s ached for 3 weeks, until I got used to it (I was walking like I had grade 4 haemorrhoids)


– even after that ‘breaking in period’…it was not comfortable enough to sit on for longer than an hour


– I can’t sit back and relax in it (although some of the chairs above do have a back rest)


– when you raise the seat height, the desk ends up being way too low


I’m sure the more expensive seats above would solve the first 2 issues.


Below is a picture of a normal chair, compared to my WBX ascot saddle stool.


You can see the angle is a lot more open between my trunk and hips.


You can also see how much higher the seat is to be able to achieve this.


So you can imagine the risk of hunching over your desk.


saddle chair



2. Ergonomic office chairs


If you prefer something a little more conventional, and don’t like feeling as if your on top of a horse, buy a proper ergonomic chair.


Not a cheap Staples/Ikea pile of junk (although the Ikea Marcus has got good reviews as a budget chair).


If your the type that loves reading a million reviews before you buy anything, here’s a list of reviews:



Warning: Do not buy the Humanscale Freedom. After a short time period, it falls to bits according to reviewers.


Here’s my current chair (Okamura Contessa with head rest) which costs £900.


Like I said… it’s a long term investment.


The only reason I can lean back so far and still work at the desk at the same time, is because it’s a height and angle adjustable desk (only cost £70 from Ikea).


chair okamura ver 2


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