Year 5 OSCE April 2016

Year 5 OSCE April 2016

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Station 1 – Emergency Hypertension
pt in GP setting, results showed very high BP. had malignant hypertension, had to send to hospital

Station 2 – Knee examination
pts had OA or knee replacments. had to give differentials, management.

Station 3 – prescribing, paracetamol overdose
had to prescribe n-acetylcistiene using guideline in front of us and discuss with the nurse

Station 4 – acute asthma
in GP setting, secondary to NSAID use.

Station 5 – IV fluids and treatment of sepsis
prescribing and setting up IV fluids

Station 6 – menorrhagia managment
had to discuss management options for menorrhagia

Station 7 – abnormal INR
found in GP setting. pt was on a herbal remedy which may have been increasing INR. had to stop warfarin, BNF was there to look at guidelines

Station 8 – neurological limb examination
had to do a full upper AND lower neurological limb exam in a stroke patient. give differentials, reasoning

Station 9 – GORD and alcoholic liver disease history
history and management

Station 10 – abnormal ECG
set up an ECG and interpret the ECG they gave to us (pre-op setting, pt had atrial flutter, asked to discuss result with patient and tell him what would happen now)

Station 11 – DKA
in GP setting. lots of people started discussing T2DM management but what we had to do was recognise DKA from blood results and send to hospital

Station 12 – PE, prescribing LMWH and requesting CTPA
prescribing LMWH using guidelines then discussing with a radiologist why the pt needs a CTPA

Station 13 – DNAR discussion
had to discuss with daughter dying mother and DNAR.

Station 14 – ABCDE, AKI and hypoglycaemia
diabetic pt had had a seizure secondary to hypogylcaemia, secondary to AKI causing impaired gliclazide clearance.