Year 4 OSCE June 2014

Year 4 OSCE June 2014

Station 1 – Jaundice history
– It was obstructive jaundice with weight loss.
– Most likely Head of Pancreatic Cancer.

Station 2 – Parkinson’s examination
– Questions about differential diagnoses and management.

Station 3 – Acute paediatric ABCDE station
– Child who just had a seizure had a breathing difficulties.
– Don’t forget to measure temperature if you suspect sepsis and glucose in the end.

Station 4 – Cannulation

Station 5 – Type 2 Diabetes counselling with HbA1c result

Station 6 – Placenta Praevia Counselling

Station 7 – Depression history
– What is the diagnosis and why?

Station 8 – Paediatric GALs examination
– Child with painful red knee joint.
– The examiner asked me to quickly assess the knee too.
– Differential Diagnosis e.g.Juvenille idiopathic arthritis and septic arthritis etc.
– Also asked about management.

Station 9 – Large bowel obstruction history
– Asked to interpret Abdo X-Ray (to differentiate between small and large bowel obstruction) and management

Station 10 – Respiratory examination
– Differential Diagnoses e.g. Pulmonary Fibrosis/COPD( depending on patient you got)

Station 11 – Triple swab
– Patient with abdo pain and vaginal discharge
– Most likely PID.
– Asked about Antibiotics.

12. Breast examination
– Questions- Triple assessment and features of a lump that would suggest malignancy.

13. Infertility history from a patient who is overweight
– Most likely PCOS.
– Asked about Investigations.

14. Antidepressant and CBT counselling to a patient with OCD in GP setting
– Patient asked me whether antidepressants are safe during pregnancy and can they be addictive?

15. Paediatric failure to thrive history
– From the mother of 6 month old child with diarrhoea.
– Most likely diagnosis – Cystic Fibrosis.
– Asked about Investigations.