Year 4 OSCE Aug 2018

Station 1 – Station
AAA (explaniation and couselling of surgery. had a wife at home who had dementia and pt was worried about what will happen to her)


Station 2 – Station
Breast exam (lump breast and axilla)


Station 3 – Station
CVS exam child. question: signs you will see in a ASD


Station 4
STEMI presenting as GORD. Read an ECG with LBBB


Station 5
Knee exam: patient had a unilateral valgus deformity


Station 6:
Breech counselling


Station 7
Misscarraige couselling


Station 8
Downs couselling


Station 9
TIA (husband and wife. ask for mx)


Station 10
Risk assessment: overdose with paracetamol


Station 11


Station 12
presented with IBS. had anxeity. Had to explained management


Station 13
Child with abd poain had constipation


Station 14
Chronic cough: bronchiectasis


Station 15
Diabetes counselling


Station 16
Dysphagia: oesophageal cancer