Year 3 OSCE Aug 2017 (resit)

Year 3 OSCE August 2017 (resit)

Station 1 – Resp exam
– Pleural Effusion
– Report your findings: peripheral oedema
– What is the diagnosis?

Station 2 – Triadic interview – Dementia
– Px kept insisting he was fine, had to gain most of hx from wife.
– What is the diagnosis? and differentials?

Station 3 – Upper GI bleed
– Indigestion and dark looking stool.
– What is the diagnosis?
– What are the risk factors?
– What test would you do?

Station 4 – Renal colic
– Left sided lower back pain then move around to front and down.
– Hx of polyuria and BPH – bit confusing?
– What is the diagnosis.
– What are the key differentials and why? UTI, uteric colic etc

Station 5 – ABG
– What would you do with the sample now?
– What details would you need for the ABG?
– If you can’t get the ABG interpreted in time what would you do?

Station 6 – Chest pain
– Tricky history, mixed picture of PUD (pain after meal).
– Sudden onset crushing chest pain radiate to left axilla – no other MI symptoms.
– What is your diagnosis?
– What test would you like to do? ECG
– Interpret ECG and where is the MI?

Station 7 – New onset T1DM
– Instructions: px had polyuria, polydipsia, tiredness and peri-anal rash
– What is your diagnosis?
– What test would you like to do?

Station 8 – Hyperthyroidism
– Instructions: px has been feeling anxious and unwell take a history.
– What is your diagnosis?
– What is your main differential and why is it not this? Anxiety bc weight loss, increased appetite, menstrual changes more likely thyroid.

Station 9 – Peripheral vascular exam
– Instructions: Lower limb exam. Report your findings as you go.
– What test would you do at the bedside?

Station 10 – HR, RR, PEFR
– Very brief instructions. Do PEFR 3x. Plot on graph.
– Comment on severity of asthma.
– Explain severity scale.
– What would you find in life-threatening asthma?

Station 11 – Paediatric – CV exam
– Instructions: child was recently ill and had a murmur has now recovered. Why would a well child have a murmur?
– Child did not want to take off top, had to do under shirt
– What murmur does this child have?
– What else would you do at the bedside?

Station 12 – Post-natal depression
– Instructions: this lady gave birth 6mth ago and is anxious about going back to work.
– Depression stations are marked very harshly, be empathic and keep qns open.
– What is your diagnosis?
– What from the history specifically points towards your diagnosis?
– What is the risk of this patient?