Year 3 OSCE April 2016

Year 3 OSCE April 2016

Due to junior doctor strikes, procedural skills were removed from the OSCEs so we only had 10 stations. Pass mark was 7/10

Station 1:
MSE video on psychotic patient (Likely schizophrenia)

Station 2: 
Peads history on failure to thrive, but mother had post-natal depression

Station 3: 
Cardiovascular exam with mitral regurg question

Station 4: 
Vascular history – Intermittent claudication

Station 5: 
Falls history – Postural hypotension caused by drugs

Station 6:
Respiratory exam with real patient and COPD signs

Station 7:
Paeds respiratory history for pneumonia with test results interpretation

Station 8:
Abdo exam on lymphoma patient (patients got swapped to 5th years, but there should have been clinical signs)

Station 9:
GI history of diarrhoea – Patient was on antibiotics, likely C. Dif

Station 10:
Respiratory breathlessness history – Heart failure diagnosis