Year 3 OSCE 2014 resits

Year 3 OSCE 2014 resits

Station 1 – Respiratory exam
– What signs would you elicit in a pt with lower left lobe pneumonia.

Station 2 – Occular cranial nerve exam

Station 3 – MSE
– Watch video, asked about positive symptoms.
– Differential diagnosis.
– If you would allow the pt to drive (ans = no) what would you do if pt continued to drive (report them, and stop them driving) and why you can break confidentiality.

4) RR, pulse and PEFR
– Asked how you would assess severity.

5) Peads
– Failure to thrive history.

6) BLS with defib

7) Chest pain history

8) Abdominal exam
– What signs would be seen if pt had crohns disease.
– What additional tests would you request.

9) Peads history
– Seizures.

10) General history
– Pt felt tried all the time, weight gain, dry skin (hypothryoidism).

11) Surgical history
– Pt had appendicitis.
– Gain consent for PR exam.

12) alcohol dependence history