Year 2 OSCE May 2009

Year 2 OSCE May 2009



Histopathology: inflammation – looked at picture and go through the signs of inflammation eg tumor colour dalor

Antibiotic testing – smearing bacteria sample on agar plate and placing antibiotic discs on place

Patient interview – Gastrointestinal OR Neuro patient

Ethics – Disability and the pro and cons of genetic screening during pregnancy. and confidentiality

Urine testing and explain to patient

Spirometry – Work out FEV1 and FVC and also check for abnormal.

Respiratory examination

Neurological examination (Lower limb motor only)

Anatomy arteries and veinds in the limbs, heart and sinuses in the brain

Anatomy liver and abdominal organs and radiographs of Liver and its surfaces and surrounding structures and it location in the body

Demonstrate usage of peak flow meter, from reading work out % expected

GALS examination

Test for astigmatism and try to correct

Blood pressure using sphynomonometer and pulse