Year 1 OSCE June 2019


Station 1 – Cranial Nerves

– Test four cranial nerves (2,3,8,11).

– Explain components of each test and summarise.


Station 2 – ECG

– Carry out 20 second trace for each lead.

– Interpret results for trace taken a few weeks ago for patient and a recent trace taken.

– Calculate mean heart rate.

– Why would stress cause HR to increase?


Station 3 – Drug dilution

– Drug calculations.

– Asked to dilute drug.


Station 4 – Patient history

– Take history for patient.

– Including SOCRATES.


Station 5 – Limb anatomy

– Proximal end of femur.

– Ligaments of hip joint.

– Muscles of the hamstrings.

– Sciatic nerve identification and effects of damage.

– Pulse points of the lower limb.


Station 6 – Genetic pedigree

– Draw genetic pedigree for patient who is wanting to start a family but is worried about Tay Sachs as there is family history of it.

– Interpret what mode of inheritance.

– Would like to include pedigree in portfolio, what steps need to be taken first according to GMC.