Year 1 OSCE Jan 2016

Year 1 OSCE January 2016

Station 1 – Three lead ECG
– Complete 20 second recordings for leads 1, 2 and 3 on a simulated patient.
– Shown picture of ECG trace for each lead. Asked to identify which is the best lead for interpretation. Asked to identify 2 different waves/intervals (T-wave, R-R interval).
– Shown normal healthy trace and asked to calculate instantaneous heart rate for beginning and end of trace. Asked to comment on the values.

Station 2
– Use glucolet pen on prosthetic hand (aseptic technique and safe disposal of sharps).
– Asked to prepare a blood slide using artificial blood in test tube and pipette. Comment on what you would do next (i.e. dry slide and stain for visualisation).
– Shown picture of different immune cells. Four cards facing down. Asked to pick two (monocyte, eosinophil), identify on picture and state function.

Station 3 – Simulated patient
– Patient interview with simulated patient (check up – 1 year post breast cancer).

Station 4 – Microbiology
– Streak agar plate (aseptic technique) with unknown bacteria.
– Shown a variety of pre-prepared agar plates/tests carried out on unknown bacteria. Asked to state observations/results of tests based on what you can see. Asked to identify the bacteria using your observations and by reading a table showing test results for different bacteria.