Year 1 OSCE Jan 2013

Year 1 OSCE January 2013
Station 1 – ECG
– Attaching leads to a patients correctly.
– Getting 20s readings for leads 1 ,2 ,3.
– Proper introduction, patient consent etc.
– Answering questions relating to a reading you made (you chose the appropriate lead)

Station 2 – Taking Blood/ Blood testing for type
– Explaining to examiner how you would do the procedure
– Done on a prosthetic hand
– Glucolet2 Pen loading
– Safe disposing of sharps etc

Station 3 – Histology (setting up microscope)
– Told what specimen you have
– Asked to centre a certain part in the middle
– Asked to show an exact structure (Need to increase magnification for this)

Station 4 – Aseptic technique – testing hand gel
– Split plate into 3! (Unwashed, Washed & Control)
– Work on a blue bunsen flame when pressing thumb
– Don’t panic and wash your hands as soon as you enter the station by habit do unwashed first!