Neurology for med students



Dump all those other dermatome maps, and simply memorise this one from the American Spinal Injury Association.



Eye nerve palsies

Simple animation to make you understand occular nerve palsies. Eye simulator.




Tip: If you want to edit my maps, simply download and install the VUE computer programme. Then you can download the VUE files instead of the picture files.

Epilepsy0.18 - 1 - 2014downloaddownload
Extra cerebral bleed0.51 - 6 - 2011downloaddownload
Meningitis0.41 - 6 - 2011downloaddownload
Motor neurone disease0.51 - 6 - 2011downloaddownload
Multiple sclerosis0.51 - 6 - 2011downloaddownload
Parkinsons0.61 - 6 - 2011downloaddownload
Stroke0.61 - 6 - 2011downloaddownload



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