I don’t need algorithms. I know my stuff.

With all due respect (i.e. no respect), you are talking nonsense.

Every single lecture I’ve attended with GP’s sitting in a room, answering questions on a clicker, has shown that as a profession we don’t know much at all.

Do you have enough integrity to admit that?


As my previous GP trainer said to me, ‘It’s ok not to know stuff that you should know, but it’s not ok to continue in that ignorance without sorting it out’.


Well done. That really gives me confidence. GP decision making is equivalent to flipping a coin…


So you may argue (rightly so, in my opinion), that we should not be expected to memorise the answer to the example below. The picture highlights the wide spectrum of thinking in GP heads. That’s fine, but you need to know how to find the answer, so that you give the right management plan to the patient. So if you can’t put everything in your head (which no one can), then know where to find the correct answer (that’s why I made the Easy Flow Algorithms)…